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“Dream On” - opb. Aerosmith
Arrangement: Max Addae
Solo: Andrew MacPhail
Vocal Percussion: Gabriel Lee

Audio Recording and Editing: Max Addae
Mixing: Ed Boyer
Mastering: Bill Hare 

Cover Art: Noah Plotkin

'Tones on this track: Max Addae '21, Ben Cohen '22, Felix De Simone '22, Robbie Gold '22, David Hansen '19, Gabriel Lee '19, Andrew MacPhail '19, Noah Plotkin '22, Philip Swigon '22, Patrick Wai '21, Taran Watson '20, Barnaby Woods '21 

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Dream On

Arranged by: Max Addae '20

Crazy Love

Arranged by: Max Mellman '13

Soloists: Noah Guthman '15 and Colin Seikel '16

Crazy Love

Soloist: Khalid Taylor '17

Let's Get It On (Marvin Gaye)

Arranged by: Daniel Bloch '15

Soloist: Andre Cardine '18

Around the World

Arranged by: Andre Kuney '12

Soloist: Billy Krager '17


Arranged by: Max Mellman '13

Soloists: Noah Guthman '15 and Colin Seikel '16

Britney Spears Medley

Arranged by: Aaron Fredricks '16 
Soloist: Aaron Fredrics, '16, Cole Burchiel, '19, Khalid Taylor, '16, Derek Wong, '16

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Methodist Church, Ann Arbor

The Spring 2018 Obertones pose for a quick photo before their show! Left to right: Harper Watson '20, Patrick Wai '21, Jamie Catterall '18, Barnaby Woods '21, Max Addae '20, Paul Lawrence '20, Piper Hill, 20.