Founded in 1984 by Arnold Lee and David Ehrenstein, the Obertones represent the finest in collegiate men's a cappella music. The first of its kind to surface at Oberlin College, the group burst forth from the small Ohio town as a fresh and powerful new force in the world of a cappella.

Spurred by the parallel energies of Oberlin's liberal-arts creativity and renowned-conservatory-style musicality, they quickly forged their own sound in the acappellasphere. It was a sound like no other. It was the sonic infusion of some of Oberlin's quirkiest personalities. It was the luscious, room-shaking, heartwarming blend of many voices both high and low. It was filled with powerful solos blended delicately into intricate harmonies in innovative, original arrangements. And it was a hit. The rest, as they say, was history. 

The Obertones' mission, over thirty years later, remains the same: to deliver their signature sound to audiences far and wide in fun-filled performances overflowing with contagious energy. Ever a campus favorite at Oberlin and a fixture in northeast Ohio's Lorain County, the Obertones are also frequently on the road, including an annual tour during the last week of March. Their quest to share their love of singing has taken them from coast to coast, south and north; from busking on the streets of New York, to major festival stages in Washington, DC, to a livestream of over 100,000 viewers, and everywhere in between. They have been featured on HBO's Girls and Netflix's Bojack Horseman. And they would love to bring their music to you.

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