Today's Obertones are some of Oberlin's finest gentlemen, hailing from many years, majors, and hometowns. Meet them below:



Musical Studies, Economics '21

When the a cappella gods looked down on earth and said “let there be a cappella”, they most likely did not have Barnaby in mind. Nonetheless, he tries his best.


Math '20

"Hark, the herald angels sing, glory to the newborn king!"
Unbeknownst to many, this song was actually written about our very own Paul. Following this legacy, he quickly climbed the social ladder to claim his current titles: "King of Crabs", "King of Pasta", and "Darthmon, King of Shadows, Ruler of the Abyss." Beware ye, for all who question his power will be forced to listen to some sick beats, yo. He also sometimes does math and makes pretty decent beans.


Music Director

Computer Science, TIMARA '21

Once upon a time, in a far off kingdom at the edge of New Jersey, a mythical, sassy creature, who goes by the name of Max, was conceived and raised among a group of musical cyborgs. Legend has it that each day, his cyborg family would lock him in a room and blast random a cappella group covers until his ears LITERALLY bled. From this, they had trained his ear to pick up any bass harmony on command instantly, and so it was only natural for him to join the Obertones upon coming to Oberlin. Since then, he has lived his life by one simple mantra: "I'm all about that bass."



History, Politics '20

Teddy wears many hats. His two favorites are the baseball cap he wears to be the group's step-dad every tour, and his Social Media Manager hat, under which a teeny tiny Noah is piloting all the website renovations. He is the second Teddy in Obertones history and looks forward to someday encountering Teddy '87 and stealing his power. He has been singing with the Tones for four years now, and still isn't totally sure how to read bass clef. His mom is our biggest fan. 


Tour/Business Manager

Bassoon Performance, Psychology '22

A vocally confused coffee enthusiast, Philip spends the majority of his time running from one thing to another. It is believed that the best way to find him is by chanting the words “contemporary bassoon”, “food safety”, and “ultimate attribution error” while standing in a bass clef formation around a mocha latte, however his usual haunts include Slow Train, the Con library, and Robertson 230.



Physics '21 


The Jabroni 9000

Official Tones Dad

A man of many names,

but few tautological coherences.


Math, Economics '23

Nihal just started his first year at Oberlin and is delighted to be one of the newest members of the Obertones. He has been singing for most of his life and was in Men's Acapella all throughout high school, and basically is listening to music at almost any given moment. He has sang Tenor for the last several years and is interested in learning how to arrange music at some point. Nihal is definitely among the more reserved Obertones members but is always excited for rehearsal and to see the people in it!



Computer Science, Psychology '22




As a first year at Oberlin, Elliot Davey is excited to follow the path of high school theater to college a cappella. If they’re not studying in their dorm or at Mudd, they can likely be found hanging out with friends, and by friends, they mean ginkos kittens. Elliot is perhaps conceptually overwhelmed by college, but having a place to sing cool harmonies with cool people makes it much better.



Physics '22

Big fan of boybands, bigger fan of being in one. 



Puck (no, not like a hockey puck) hails from San Francisco, and would much rather talk about Apis mellifera than themself. They like Shakespeare (shocker) and petting any and all animals they come across.



Jordan Muschler is a ginger. He’s done many embarrassing things in his life and he constantly ruminates on the fact that more are soon to come. He would also like to let you know that “the slotted spoon can catch the potato,” whatever the hell that means.



Created in the center of Manhattan, this strange creature has spent his life accumulating a myriad of unusual sounds and talents. Nowadays, he tries his best to make these skills relevant in the context of the Obertones (the ball’s still in the air on whether or not he is succeeding at this task). He often loses himself in music.....literally. If found, please bring him to the nearest piano and provide him with the real book.

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