Audition Video Instructions

Introduction: Introduce yourself! Tell us your name, pronouns, year, hometown, and major (if you know!) 

Scales: To warm your voice up (and for us to hear your vocal range), sing along with our scale guides, and stop singing when you can’t go any higher or lower! 

Solo: Sing about 60 seconds (likely a verse and a chorus) of any song that you think showcases your voice best! This must be done A CAPPELLA — i.e. no backing tracks or other accompaniment!

Beatboxing (optional): If you have any beatboxing abilities, feel free to show us what you got! (up to a minute) 

****Your submission can either be in one complete take OR edited together. However, the audio must remain raw and untouched – no pitch correction, EQ, compression, reverb, or any effects! We want to hear you just as you are :)****